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Close To The Heart

Aspen Gold Series Book 9

He raised her child as his own...

An unexpected phone call summons widower Murphy Webster back to Spencer, Colorado. He promised his dying wife their daughter would never know she was adopted, but while settling his brother’s estate, he encounters a shocking revelation. His adopted daughter is the child of the woman he’s loved since boyhood. Does this discovery change that pledge? Murphy’s bittersweet devotion to Cora poses another excruciating question. How can he compete with a memory?

Spencer antique purveyor Cora Fleming is driven to find the baby she gave up for adoption over forty years ago. When Murphy Webster walks through her door, Cora discovers the skinny, awkward boy she’d climbed trees with has matured into a handsome man, whose arresting gray eyes spark feelings she never thought she’d experience again. 
Will secrets revealed fulfill love’s dreams or tear love apart?

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Call Me Mandy

Aspen Gold Series Book 2

The last man Miranda loved took everything from her...

The last man Miranda Buffet loved took everything from her. She throws herself into the preservation of Spencer’s historic schoolhouse only to be drawn into the orbit of a handsome, infuriating architect.

On his first independent project, Declan Elliott’s reputation and future hang in the balance. He’s unprepared for his attraction to the spirited granddaughter of Spencer’s wealthy patriarch, but when they end up in bed together, their passion is as deep and fathomless as Colorado’s Twin Owl Lake.

Will Miranda risk her wounded heart to this self-made building designer? Can Declan overcome his habitual disdain for the heiress and her entitled family?

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